Ananian Front Porch – Case Study

Sheldon Ananian’s New Front Porches

Sheldon owns a two family home in Watertown. He called me in June of 2011 asking me if I could repair his front porches. My response was that I would try, but it may be too far gone. When my team went to work on the porches it became obvious that the front porch was unsafe and needed to be demolished and replaced. This would require that the new porches comply with the existing Massachusetts building code, which would present its own set of demands. The original siding of the house was stucco and that had been covered with aluminum siding, which presented the problem of removing the old porches from under the aluminum and the stucco. Once we removed the porches we had to dig for and install footings for the new porches. We then had to build the porches with proper headroom and access from both levels. In order to accomplish this, the concrete front stairs had to be removed and rebuilt. A rubber roof was installed on the roof of the first floor porch and then we applied rubber padding before installing the second floor porch on top of the rubber roof. We used a combination of pressure treated materials; vinyl soffit material and PVC trim to build a maintenance free porch.

The part that bothered me was that just the year before another contractor had made “repairs” to the first floor ceiling and second floor porch installing vinyl soffit material, fir decking and fir handrails!

Anthony P. LaPuma

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