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Builderz Blog – Vinyl Siding

We just completed the removal of two layers of siding and the installation of new vinyl siding on a home in Braintree, MA. I would suggest to anyone considering re-siding their house that they think long and hard about the best way to proceed. My opinion is that you will get the best long term […]

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Builderz Blog – Replacement Windows

We recently completed a rather large replacement window installation and after having the local Building Inspector check our insulation installation I wondered how many people are not getting the complete package when contracting for replacement windows? A few things you the consumer should be aware of: not all windows are the same; make sure you […]

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Builderz Blog – EPA Regulations

THE E.P.A. IS NOW REGULATING HOME REPAIRS! As of April 22, 2010, firms working in pre-1978 homes and child-occupied facilities must be “CERTIFIED” and use lead-safe work practices during renovations. This is known as the “RENOVATION, REPAIR AND PAINTING RULE” OR “RRP”. There are certain exclusions: if the renovation only affects components that do not […]

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Mini Case Study

THE MINI CASE STUDY Dream Builderz was asked to rehab the second floor of a two family for an elderly lady with very little money who was in a nursing home. This was a real challenge. We installed 27 replacement windows and had to clean at least 30 years of dirt and dust before we […]

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Cammack Bathroom Upgrade – Case Study

THE CAMMACK’S NEW BATHROOM Hank and Jane Cammack own a beautiful center entrance colonial in Milton, Massachusetts. They wanted to modernize a portion of their bath room without compromising the tub and the mud tile surround. The plan was to remove the wall tile and cut the tile at the tub to preserve the tub […]

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