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I was contacted in early winter regarding the possibility of removing and rebuilding the rear porches on a 3 level condominium building in Dorchester. Working in the city presents its own unique set of challenges. We could only have a dumpster on site during the major part of demolition because once the dumpster was in the driveway you couldn’t get by with any machinery or lumber. We had the dumpster delivered one day did the major demolition which included a concrete block wall and the removed the dumpster the next day. Sounds simple enough until you see the amount of trash generated and having to carry every piece of lumber from the driveway to the rear yard was no small task. This job required the excavation of five footings, four feet deep by hand, not an easy task in the winter. We needed accelerant and heat boxes to keep the concrete from freezing. The building was built in 1860 and the construction techniques have changed dramatically since then. The way the decks were built and tied into the building is totally different now and requires repairs to the sidewall and siding. When the city building official saw the job, she commented that we did not have to use the big post stands under our posts and I explained we do all out jobs the same even if the building code doesn’t require it. The condominium association gave me a note saying: “The condo assoc. wants to thank you for a job well done!”

Anthony P. LaPuma

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