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Dri Core

If anyone is considering a basement project that includes any kind of flooring that is not impervious to moisture, you would be wise to add Dri Core to your shopping list.

What is Dri Core you ask? Dri Core is a tongue and groove subfloor made specifically for damp room application. This product has its own vapor barrier on the underside and is elevated off the existing floor on its own leg system. The underside of Dri Core looks like the underside of an egg carton. This design allows air to flow through, keeping moisture from building up.

Dream Builderz applied this product on a floor that was 2” out of level in a span of 10’. We were able to use the Dri Core shims to even off a lot of the floor. The finish floor was engineered oak and laid down beautifully over the Dri Core, making for a dry sturdy floor.

A property owner who rents a basement apartment to a musician was quite pleased when a heating pipe in the basement leaked. The musician was on tour in Europe so much water leaked out onto the floor that the carpet was soaked but that one inch air space provided by the Dri Core kept the musical instruments from getting wet.

I hope this will be of value to you.

Anthony P. LaPuma

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