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replacement-windowsWe recently completed a rather large replacement window installation and after having the local Building Inspector check our insulation installation I wondered how many people are not getting the complete package when contracting for replacement windows?

A few things you the consumer should be aware of: not all windows are the same; make sure you check the U value of the windows your contractor is offering…..the lower the value, the better the energy performance. Are the windows welded construction? This process actually makes the new window a monolithic unit and is much less like to suffer any structural deficiencies.  When replacement windows are being installed in an older home with the weights in the wall, the proper method is to remove the weights, pulleys and ropes; then insulate the old weight cavity, if this is not being done you have a big hole in your wall with no insulation. After applying caulking to the perimeter of the window box make sure the installer applies insulation to the vinyl “header cap” or you will have another big cold spot. Finally before the side stops are re installed all the space between the replacement window and the old window frame should be insulated.

If the job is not done in this manner, the installation is not complying with industry standards.

Anthony P. LaPuma

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