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When selecting a roofing contractor, please pay attention to the little things. Did the contractor go up in the attic to inspect the roof boards or plywood for damage and rot? If the contractor did not, there is no way to get a good faith estimate, what happens when the work begins, the roof is partially stripped and now structural damage is discovered? It costs additional money and time.

You want to know how the contractor intends to vent your new roof, typically this would be done by installing vented drip edge at the edge of the roof and face board interface and installing ridge vent along the peak of the roof.

Check your quote and be certain that your roofing contractor is installing solid drip edge along all roof rakes; this protects these areas from windblown rain being driven under the roof shingles and causing water damage.

Here in New England it is state of the art and required in Massachusetts that the entire roof area is covered with 15 lb. felt paper before applying roof shingles; we also apply ice and water shield along the bottom 3’ of the roof area. Dream Builderz recommends an application of 6’, the reason for this is in the winter, depending on how the sun hits a particular roof and the amount of snow on the roof, ice dams can develop causing extensive damage to your home.

A “cricket” in the roofing business is not an insect! It is a section of the roof against a chimney or flue that diverts the flow of water away so that the flow of water is not stopped. Many older homes were built without crickets eventually leading to unnecessary roof leaks. The Massachusetts Building Code requires crickets and specifies the size and height depending on the roof pitch. Make sure you discuss all of these issues with your roofing contractor; that you are comfortable with who you select.

Remember; don’t let your new roof become your new goof!

Anthony P. LaPuma

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