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Those Damned Ice Dams II

What a winter this has been! After experiencing the ice dams and snow loads on roofs this year we have developed some new strategies going forward. One thing I want to warn you about is that you can get ice dams further up your roof than the gutter line causing leaks in some strange places, […]

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Builderz Blog – Roofing

DON’T LET YOUR NEW ROOF BECOME YOUR NEW GOOF! When selecting a roofing contractor, please pay attention to the little things. Did the contractor go up in the attic to inspect the roof boards or plywood for damage and rot? If the contractor did not, there is no way to get a good faith estimate, […]

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Swanson Roof Leaks – Case Study

THE SWANSON ROOF LEAKS When Pastor Jack Swanson called Dream Builderz regarding his mother’s roof, there was a problem: the roof leaked and a portion of a bed room ceiling had fallen due to the leak. We arrived at the site and promptly covered the roof with a tarp until the Swanson’s insurance company could […]

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Shuster Leaky Roof – Case Study

THE SHUSTERS’ LEAKY ROOF John and Shirley Shuster own a beautiful colonial at 45 Hollingsworth Ave. Braintree, Ma. They had a problem years ago on with ice dams resulting in leaks on the flat roof of their home and a repair was made. This past winter the leaks came back. Upon initial inspection of the […]

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Damned Ice Dams!

THOSE DAMNED ICE DAMS! Ah yes winter is here bringing with it ice snow and freezing rain, can you believe there is a song that says “it’s the most wonderful time of the year”? That may be true, unless you are one of the unfortunate home owners who have a waterfall in their house due […]

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Builders Blog – Roofing

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOUR ROOFING CONTRACTOR DOESN’T LOOK IN THE ATTIC? There are certain things that a qualified roofing contractor looks for and calculates when estimating a roofing job. WE ARE OFFERING A FREE REPORT ENTITLED, “DON’T LET YOUR NEW ROOF BECOME YOUR NEW GOOF!!” Dear Friends, If you are a property owner, you need […]

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