Connella Finished Basement – Case Study


The Connella family live in a very nice colonial that is set on a knoll in a premier subdivision in Whitman, Massachusetts. Kimberly is a professional photographer and Rob is an Information technology consultant. Their goal was to convert the unfinished basement into a multifunctional area consisting of a photography studio, a multi media center and a storage area with lavatory facilities.

The problem facing Rob and Kimberly was the fact that the foundation was set a little too low and had water infiltration through the floor, walls and bulkhead as well as severe condensation on their water pipes and well equipment.

Dream Builderz first task was to give the Connella family a dry basement; this was accomplished by attacking each problem separately. Dream builderz obtained all the necessary permits from the Town of Whitman to install a basement drain and connect it to the town’s drainage system. Dream Builderz then drained the bulkhead by connecting it to the crushed stone base under the foundation. The next step was to capture the condensation from the well equipment and redirect that into the crushed stone and ultimately the basement drain, lastly to insure we would not have any condensation on the new plastered ceilings Dream Builderz insulated all the water pipes in the basement…….Voila- a dry basement!!!

The Connella’s now have their Photographer’s studio with direct access from the outside, a media center with three flat screen televisions for viewing both the A.F.C. and N.F.C. Sunday afternoon games while the children play video games on the third T.V. America, what a country! Dream Buiderz, what a contractor!

Anthony P. LaPuma

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