Damned Ice Dams!


Ah yes winter is here bringing with it ice snow and freezing rain, can you believe there is a song that says “it’s the most wonderful time of the year”? That may be true, unless you are one of the unfortunate home owners who have a waterfall in their house due to those damned ice dams.

There are a few solutions to the problem: the easiest is to purchase the wire heater lines and string them on the bottom six feet of your roof, another fix is to go up in the attic and pull the insulation back from the face boards about six inches so that some of the heat escapes and warms the lower portion of your roof, the third method is the installation of an ice and moisture barrier on the bottom portion of your roof under the roof shingles. The Massachusetts State Building Code calls for such a barrier and the width is determined by a specific formula. When we are building or installing a new roof Dream Builderz always installs a minimum of six feet in width along all face boards.

I know what it is like to be shoveling snow and chopping ice on a roof due to ice dams and there are much better ways to spend one’s time and energy. Remember whenever you are having a roof done to make sure that the contractor is following the building code and your ice dam days should be over!

Anthony P. LaPuma

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