Gsell Porch Repairs – Case Study


One of my customers, Jane Bartholomew, suggested to her co-worker, Siggy Gsell to call me regarding some work she and her husband Eric wanted done. I took a look and we agreed on what things I would do. The first was the repair of their front porch which had been “repaired” in the past. I inspected the carrying beam which had been cut and spliced improperly. My team first checked the existing footings for proper depth. Once this was accomplished we set about installing a new carry beam removing rotted floor boards pine trim and changing from enclosed half walls to open fir balusters with fir rails. Once this was done we set about taking care of the other problem which was in the winter the melting snow would run of the roof, land on the rear stairs and ice up. We solved this problem by building a roof over the stairs. Once all the carpentry work was completed, we painted everything and cleaned up.

Anthony P. LaPuma

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