Hack Family – Foreclosure Renovation


Terry and Stacy Hack lived in a nice older cape with their four children and two dogs; they were also very tight on space. The Hacks found a good sized garrison colonial in a very desirable neighborhood on a cul-de-sac in Weymouth, Massachusetts. The home was in foreclosure and the Hack’s bought it. As in any distress sale the house had been neglected and was in disrepair, additionally Terry and Stacey wanted a fifth bedroom which was to be a master bedroom suite for them. The addition of a master bedroom suite required the removal of the roof over the family room; the demolition and reframing of the left side of the second floor and the raising of the chimney to comply with the building code. The Hacks wanted the house to look correct which required stripping all the siding and roofing, the removal of all the windows and doors, as well as the reframing of openings to comply with the new building code. Dream Builderz repaired rotted plywood and structural members as well. When the job was complete the looked brand new, was maintenance free, contained five bedrooms, including a master bedroom suite with walk in closet and a full as well as an additional bath and a half.

Anthony P. LaPuma

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