High-Impact Home-Improvement Projects

Home Improvement Projects

New season, new you. If you want to start the summer off right, you should make a few home-related improvements. This is the season that you bite the bullet and spend a little bit of money, time or both to make your home more livable and more valuable. From projects that you can take a weekend and do yourself to others that necessitate calling in the pros, here are some high-impact jobs to put on your list this season.

Update your kitchen

Anyone looking to renovate their kitchen has to make a decision pretty early on: is this a full-scale remodel or a piecemeal update? According to HomeAdvisor, the average price to remodel a kitchen in Braintree, MA, ranges from $20,000 – $42,675 and the project timeline from three to four weeks. A full kitchen remodel has one of the highest returns on investment (70 percent or higher) of all home projects, so it’s certainly worth considering.

Many people are choosing to tackle their kitchen updates in small increments. Some projects including installing a new backsplash, tile work and even replacing most appliances can be DIY. You start to run into trouble when you get to the countertops, however. Installing new countertops is a job you should definitely call in the pros. Flooring is up in the air, considering your skill level.

Update your ceiling fans and light fixtures

If you decide to change ceiling fans and lights in your home, you’ll need a ladder, some wire cappers, a cordless drill and a screwdriver. Just make sure you cut all power at the breaker box. Or, call an electrician if you are uncomfortable with your skill level. Do some research before you take on your electrical project.

Save your wall

Got a room or closet just off your bathroom you simply don’t need? Before you go swinging a sledgehammer to knock down one of your walls, call a professional contractor. Walls can be load-bearing, and if improperly removed, it can cause your roof to cave in. Also, walls can contain important stuff like electricity and plumbing. Don’t try to tackle this one yourself.

Give your cabinets a face-lift

Want a DIY project with no real risk of injury and very little risk of failure? An easy and inexpensive home improvement you can tackle anytime is updating your cabinets. Don’t underestimate what a new coat of paint and some new, stylish handles and drawer pulls will do for a row of cabinets. This DIY home repair can be done in a weekend for less than a couple hundred bucks.

Anytime you decide to take on a home project, ask yourself these questions: Is it dangerous? Is this outside my skill set? Will this take more than a few weeks? Am I particularly concerned with the final product, in terms of professional-looking quality? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you’re going to want to call for some help. Otherwise, happy DIY-ing!

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

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