Mini Case Study


Dream Builderz was asked to rehab the second floor of a two family for an elderly lady with very little money who was in a nursing home. This was a real challenge. We installed 27 replacement windows and had to clean at least 30 years of dirt and dust before we could even begin to paint and repair.

The painting was another challenge, due to the limited budget we had to repair as opposed to replace wall and ceiling the plaster. The unit took twice the amount of paint as industry standards would call for because of the lack of maintenance.

Another challenge was a gas leak which we detected and required the existing gas line be removed and replaced. The existing stove was circa 1940 and the gas pipe shut off leaked. The leaks were repaired and a new self cleaning stove installed.

We also discovered an old flue pipe behind a false wall which was covered with one of those old decorative plate covers and was leaking carbon monoxide into the apartment master bed room. Dream Builderz covered the pipe properly and secured it permanently.

Dream Builderz replaced ceiling tiles in the kitchen and installed new drywall in the kitchen closet which was literally falling apart.

Dream Builderz installed a new attic door and replaced the rear apartment entry door which was missing weather stripping.

Other doors were missing the old knobs.

We also repaired the glass in the front apartment entry door which had glass missing from a medical emergency; we installed a new dead bolt.

The double entry door did not have keys for the deadbolt and the storm door did not open properly, we replaced both.

New carpet and linoleum have been installed in the apartment and is now ready for occupancy.

Check out the pictures.

Anthony P. LaPuma

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