Shuster Leaky Roof – Case Study


John and Shirley Shuster own a beautiful colonial at 45 Hollingsworth Ave. Braintree, Ma. They had a problem years ago on with ice dams resulting in leaks on the flat roof of their home and a repair was made. This past winter the leaks came back.

Upon initial inspection of the situation we had planned a simple repair. The following day it was raining, so I made a second inspection and discovered a 45 foot long puddle on their flat roof which was feeding the leak. It seems that the roof had so little pitch that the water was building up and finding its way through the original repairs. We determined that the smartest course of action was to eliminate the flat roof by placing a pitched roof over it. The hard part was getting enough pitch without having the new ridge higher than the existing slate roof in order to keep the esthetics and architectural integrity; the flat roof contained a chase for the fireplace flue, and two heater flues. We had to make adjustments on one flue so it would be high enough so as not to be blocked by snow accumulation and cause carbon monoxide problems. Extend the plumbing vents and install vented drip edge and ridge vents to insure proper ventilation. As we built the new roof we adjusted the pitch so as to be lower than the copper ridge of the slate roof. The entire roof area was covered with Ice and Water barrier before the new roof shingles were installed. We kept the profile low enough that you would have to be quite a distance away from the dwelling to even see that we made the improvements,

I am happy to report that after the March 13th-15th ten inch rain fall the home is dry!!

Anthony P. LaPuma

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