Swanson Roof Leaks – Case Study


When Pastor Jack Swanson called Dream Builderz regarding his mother’s roof, there was a problem: the roof leaked and a portion of a bed room ceiling had fallen due to the leak.

We arrived at the site and promptly covered the roof with a tarp until the Swanson’s insurance company could assess the damage. The roof had deteriorated to a point that the shingles were crumbling under our feet.

Once the insurance adjuster had approved the losses, Dream Builderz obtained all the necessary permits from the city of Quincy and in one day stripped the entire roof, repaired rotted roof boards and rafters, applied new 30 year architectural roof shingles and upgraded an old rolled roof covering to a rubber roof system with new underlayment.

Dream Builderz opened up the water damaged ceiling applied moldicide, just in case, and installed a new plastered ceiling.

Anthony P. LaPuma

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