Those Damned Ice Dams II

What a winter this has been! After experiencing the ice dams and snow loads on roofs this year we have developed some new strategies going forward. One thing I want to warn you about is that you can get ice dams further up your roof than the gutter line causing leaks in some strange places, such as when you have roof lines that are perpendicular to each other and the gutter from the higher roofs drains on to the lower roof. This area can and does freeze causing an ice dam up the lower roof. We have seen ice form in the gutter and push back into the vented drip edge. This can be prevented by using wire heaters in the gutter end on the lower end of the roof. Another method is to use solid drip edge and vent the soffit. This allows you to actually wrap ice and water barrier over the roof and down onto the face boards behind the gutter, preventing the ice from pushing into eaves, if the ice does come in, when it melts, it will drain out the soffit vents. We recommend and only will use Grace Ice and Water Shield.

Finally, I have seen more than one instance where the snow load has caused such deflection that sliding doors would not open! When you hear on the news from authorities that your roof should be shoveled, head the warning, especially if your home was built prior to 2000.

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Anthony P. La Puma

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